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Newsletter Friday January 29, 2021, 2:18am - by seantaylor

Rachael Mason
Come join us for a free Meet & Greet with Guest Instructor Rachael Mason (Second City, iO) on Thursday, February 4th at 7pm ET. She'll be answering questions about improv, comedy and her upcoming workshop.
Extended Holiday Sale ends February 2nd! Start the New Year off in one of our new Virtual Classes! We've redesigned our core classes to fit your schedule and your budget!
No experience? No problem.

Free Intro to Improv

Saturday (2/13) @7pm

Ellen Matthews

Improv Level One

Tuesdays (2/16) @7pm

Ross Taylor
Improv Level One
Saturdays @4pm (3/6)
Megan Gray

Improv Level One

Mondays (3/15) @8pm

Armando Diaz

Improv Level Two

Wednesdays (2/24) @7pm

Nick Kanellis

Improv Level Two

Saturdays (3/6) @1pm

Elana Fishbein

Improv Level Two

Tuesdays (3/9) @7:30pm

Improv for Teens
Tuesdays (2/23) @4pm
Saturdays (2/27) @4pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level Three Wednesdays (3/3) @6pm

Forms: Narrative Skills Tuesdays (3/2) @6pm

Conservatory Skills: Acting Techniques for improvisers Mondays (3/15) @6pm

Jon Bander

Character Writing

Tuesdays (2/23) @7pm

Amanda Xeller

In Sketch Mode

Wednesdays (3/3) @7pm

Dan Reitz

Musical Short Form Games

Mondays (3/1) @8pm

And visit our Electives page often to see new offerings regurlarly
Dennis Pacheco
Thank you to Dennis Pacheco for offering his workshop, "Comedy in Truth" a sold out four week, two hour workshop exclusively available to applicants of the Magnet Diversity Scholarship!
Get your improv reps in at the free Magnet Mixer this Saturday (1/30) at 6pm with host Elizabeth Tallman. Around 5:30pm we will share the sign up sheet and the Zoom link to this community page
Remember Me?

Magnet visits with people we haven't seen in awhile.

Veteran Performer Jason Farr
Jason Farr
1. Where are you sheltering?

Mostly Brooklyn, but for the last 2 1/2 months I've been at my mom's in South Carolina where we’ve kept up our Christmas tree because who cares? But, as you're reading this my girlfriend Justina and I are driving back to Brooklyn.

2. How are you staying sane?

Well, I'm not entirely sure I'm staying sane. I keep wanting to accomplish things that I have yet to accomplish. BUT being with family, game nights with friends and my brother, doing shows with Sweetheart, and accepting that I am not going to watch or read or do everything is how I'm trying to stay sane. It works most of the time. The rest of the time I try to remind myself to count my blessings.

3. What do you miss most?

Going to the theater and the training center. I loved being in shows, sure, but I miss watching shows more. I miss seeing people. I miss going up to the 10th floor for a class or practice. I miss seeing the sweet people who worked at the theater and the training center. Nothing I've done this last 10 months has sufficiently filled that hole.

4. What don't you miss?

I am hard pressed to find anything about the Magnet that I'm happy to not be dealing with.

5. What do you want to say to the other members of the Magnet community?

If there's anything we've learned over the last year it's that things are better when we're together. It may be some time before we can physically be together, but we can be together in spirit. All the stuff we heard in April about how there's no perfect way to get through a pandemic is still true. Don't beat yourself up for what you haven't accomplished. You matter and you are more important than how well you live life.