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Sun, Dec 16th

The Saga 6:00pm - ($7)

The Saga is folklore, mythology, history-the fantastical stories of ordinary people. Look into the past. Look into the smoke of the fires and the stars in the sky. The Saga is what we see. The Saga is more

I'm Gonna Marry JTT 7:30pm - ($7)

It's 1998. Paula Cole just won a Grammy, AOL dial-up is faster than ever, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas is about to get an offer he can't refuse.

Written and Performed by Becca Schall
Directed more

What the Hell?! 7:30pm - ($7)

You are invited on a journey through Hell!

Carmelita is in charge of Hell while her father, Satan, is on vacation. Her secret plan to revamp Hell is derailed when her lab is exposed and an unexpec more

Darkness Falls 9:00pm - ($7)

Improv that surrounds you. Grounded, lived-in performance mixed with a hint of chaos. A unique theatrical experience created before you that can go anywhere—even beyond the stage.

Featuring: K more

Sun, Dec 16th

Level Two: Intro to Long Form Class Show 7:00pm - (Free)

Level Four: Senior Project- Expansion Harold Class Show 8:00pm - (Free)

Musical Improv Level One Class Show 9:00pm - (Free)