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Monoscene Class Show 7:00pm - ($5)
Graduates of our Monoscene class show us what they've learned!
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Sex Job 8:30pm - ($10)
What happens when you moonlight as a comedian, but your dayjob is sex work?

Welcome to Sex Job! This show gives you an inside look into the life of a financial dominatrix. How does it work? Wha...
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Announcing the New Megawatt Lineup!

We are thrilled to announce our latest Megawatt lineup! Catch these new groups in action at the Megawatt season premiere, this coming Wednesday, November 29! New Team Cagney Sean... More

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Announcing the New Musical Megawatt Lineup!

We're thrilled to announce the newest additions to our Musical Megawatt lineup! See these new teams in action this coming Thursday, November 2! New Team Axl Tim Canty Amy Charow... More

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Announcing Megawatt Auditions!

We are very excited to announce the next round of auditions for Wednesday Megawatt teams! Who is eligible to audition for Megawatt teams? Anyone who has completed Advanced Improv... More

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Announcing Musical Megawatt Auditions!

We're excited to announce that we'll be holding auditions for new Musical Megawatt teams in October. Who can audition for Musical Megawatt? Anyone who has completed Musical 3 at the ... More

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Because it was fun and it brought me joy!

Congrats to the writers and performers on all of the newly formed and returning LiveWire Magnet Sketch Teams! We are current... More

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