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Magnet Sketch Teams
Perfect Storm & Milwaukee
7:30pm - ($7)

Our homegrown writers and performers bring you brand-new sketch comedy every Monday night in two half-hour blocks of hilarity. Equal parts smart and silly, dark and irreverent, this is the freshest co more

MIXER-WATT 9:00pm - ($7)

Mixer-Watt combines some of the Magnet Mixer’s most faithful attendees with seasoned Megawatt house performers for one-night-only teams. It’ll be like watching a bunch of MVP Michael Jordans playi more

Shirley Jackson's The Lottery 10:30pm - ($7)

Put your name in the hat to get on stage and play with some of your favorite Magnet instructors and performers!

Megan Gray hosts this monthly lottery show. Everyone lives! more

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Announcing Spring 2019 Megawatt Teams!

Magnet Theater is pleased to announce the new teams and additions for the Spring 2019 season of Megawatt, debuting this Wednesday, March 20, at 7, 8, 9  and 10:15 pm. We hope to see yo... More

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Q&A: Shirley Jackson's The Lottery with ...

Inspired by the short story (and its author) of the same name, Shirley Jackson's The Lottery debuted last month at Magnet. What's it all about? Megan Gray is here to tell ya. It's a improv ... More

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Musical Megawatt Auditions!

We are excited to announce auditions for the new season of Musical Megawatt! To submit for an audition slot, please fill out THIS FORM! Please note that only people who have completed Musica... More

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Q&A: Nights of Our Lives with David Mart...

Magnet Theater is excited to welcome The Nights of Our Lives, a longtime UCB favorite, to our stage. Part storytelling and part comedy (let's call it a 60/40 split), creator David Martin ta... More

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Q&A: The Little Big Show with Megan Gray

Taking over the 7:00 Thursday night slot, The Little Big show is here! This new show will feature a variety of Magnet performers from many different teams. We asked Megan Gray for deets and... More

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