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Upcoming Changes to the Advanced Improv Program

UPCOMING CHANGES TO THE ADVANCED IMPROV PROGRAM We are excited to announce some changes to our Advanced Improv Program coming in late summer. In an effort to give more stage time to our adva... More

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Do The Thing

Congrats to the new Musical Megawatt lineup. Watch their debuts tonight at the Magnet! Our upcoming Saturday afternoon Coach... More

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Announcing the New Musical Megawatt Lineup!

We are thrilled to announce our latest Musical Megawatt lineup! Catch these new groups in action at the season premiere, this coming Thursday, May 2! New Team Knowles Samara Breg... More

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Kornfeld & Andrews Radio Plays debut today

Seasoned performers, longtime improv instructors, and all-around swell guys Rick Andrews and Louis Kornfeld combine their improv powers for a series of longform, improvised radio plays that ... More

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It's Melting Your Brain

Today (4/17) is the last day to sign up to audition for Musical Megawatt. Visit here for more information Megawatt Auditions... More

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