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Pat May Plays Video Games And Does Improv 6:00pm - ($7)

Pat May plays classic NES/SNES video games while doing improv scenes with Sulaiman Beg. Directed by Nolan Constantino. more

Kornfeld & Andrews
With Special Guest: Ali Fisher!

7:30pm - ($10)

Seasoned performers, longtime instructors, and all-around swell guys Rick Andrews and Louis Kornfeld combine their improv powers for a longform show that's as honest as it is hilarious. With a patient more

Spoilers 9:00pm - ($7)

So you haven't read the book, and faking your way through your book club roundtable is NOT an option! Don't worry chum, the cast of Spoilers has you covered! Armed with nothing but an audience suggest more

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Q&A: New Erotica for Feminists with Cait...

This November, satirist and Magnet instructor Caitlin Kunkel is publishing her first book, New Erotica for Feminists! Along with her co-authors Brooke Preston, Fiona Taylor and Carrie Wittme... More

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Announcing New Artistic Leadership!

New Artistic Director, Megawatt Director, and Magnet Sketch Teams Director Announced This is big.  After serving as Artistic Director of Magnet Theater for seven years, Megan Gray has c... More

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Q&A: Spoilers with Alex Kornfeld

Spoiler alert! Ever wanted to see You can catch Spoilers Sunday November 18 at 9. Alex Kornfeld takes us through this book-based form, dishes on what he loves about the cast, and gives us a ... More

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Getting to Know: Francis Fuster

Welcome to Magnet's "Getting To Know" series! We're using our blog to highlight our fabulous performers and writers and we can't wait for you to meet them. Want to see them all? Click here. ... More

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Ringers: Fresh sketch comedy debuts this...

A new edition of Ringers is ready for you! Congratulations to this round's Ringers! Ringers, a tri-annual sketch show produced by Armando Diaz and Amanda Xeller, features sketches written b... More

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