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Musical Megawatt
Meryl & Contessa
7:00pm - ($17)

A whole night entirely dedicated to musical improv, Musical Megawatt showcases everything you love about musical theater, all made up on the spot. Are they magicians? No! Just some of the best improvi more

The Friday Night Sh*w 8:30pm - ($17)

Obnoxious strangers, overbearing bosses and unrequited high school crushes are about to get a piece of your mind…

The Friday Night Sh*w invites audience members to offer their repressed rants, more

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Tiptoe Through the Tombstones

NEW In-Person Classes Dennis Pacheco Improv Level One Thursdays (9/2) @8pm Rick Andrews Improv Level One Sunday... More

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Feel the Beet

In-Person Shows this Weekend FRIDAY (7/16) Megawatt (Metal Boy & Good&Evil) @7pm | Purchase Tix Friday Night Sh*w @8:... More

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Queue the Music

Showtime! Tonight (Friday, July 9th) Musical Improv returns to the Magnet Main Stage beginning with Musical Megawatt teams Nightshade and Wonderla... More

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Hot Improv Summer

In-Person Shows Sweetheart & BodyWork Friday (7/2) @7:00pm Friday Night Sh*w Friday (7/2) @8:30pm ... More

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Virtually Open

Remember Me? Magnet visits with people we haven't seen in awhile. The Magnet Theater 1. Where are you sheltering? 259 W. 29th... More

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