Happy New Year from the Magnet

Newsletter Wednesday December 30, 2020, 12:50am - by seantaylor
One Week Left!
Start the New Year off in one of our new Virtual Classes! We've redesigned our core classes to fit your schedule and your budget! Sale ends January 2nd.
Michael Lutton

Free Intro to Improv

Thursday (1/7) @6:30pm

Johnathan Ross

Effective Note Skills in the Writers Room

Thursdays (12/31) @5pm

Armando Diaz
Sketch Writing Level One
Thursdays @2pm (1/14) &

Thursdays @7pm (1/14)

Nick Kanellis

Improv Level Two

Saturdays (1/9) @1pm

Elana Fishbein

Improv Level Two

Wednesdays (1/13) @7:30pm

Improv for Teens

Tuesdays (1/5) @4pm

Saturdays (1/9) @4pm

Ross Taylor

Improv Level Two

Mondays (1/4) @7pm

Scenes & Feedback

Wednesdays (2/3) @7pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level Three

Mondays (1/25) @6pm

The Fairy Tale

Thursdays (1/28) @6pm

Michael Lutton

Improv Level One Thursdays (1/21) @6:30pm

Advanced Musical Improv Fridays (1/22) @6:30pm

Amanda Xeller

In Sketch Mode

Wednesdays (1/6) @7pm

And visit our Electives page often to see new offerings regurlarly
Kayte Zhang
The Magnet is thrilled Kayte Zhang will be guest instructing Writing Musical Sketches next month. This four week, two hour sketch workshop is being offered exclusively to applicants of the Magnet Diversity Scholarship free of charge. Welcome, Kayte.
The Virtual Moxie Sketch Lab introduces, builds, and supports an interest in sketch comedy for people who are women, trans, and/or non-binary. It’s a collaborative community project and here is how to get involved! Deadline to submit: January 11th, 2021.
Remember Me?

Magnet visits with people we haven't seen in awhile.

Writer / Performer and Designer Randy McKay
Randy McKay
1. Where are you sheltering?

Bushwick, Brooklyn; but not the fun part.

2. How are you staying sane?

It's been incredibly freeing to do all things I never made time for. It was hard getting over the initial shock of losing full-time employment, but I've realized that I needed a change of pace. I've only taken one short vacation in the past 8 years and felt very tethered to my job. Now I work part-time and I don't ever want to go back. Here's a short list of some of the things I've been doing and working on with my "free time". Learning piano, practicing skateboard tricks, writing an edutainment show, watching all of Star Trek, working on a comedy screenplay featuring the X-men, learning New Wave songs on guitar, updating my website, cooking consistently, playing video games that released in 2015, learning to dance The Charleston... I could go on but shouldn't.

3. What do you miss most?

Comfortably hanging out with a small group of friends without paranoia looming in the back of our minds. Also Taco Bell's Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes.

4. What don't you miss?

Rushing to get places. I love being able to start my day on my terms as opposed to being awakened by an alarm only to speed through a morning routine just to get to work on time. Oh and uh frivolous spending.

5. What do you want to say to the other members of the Magnet community?

I love you and I'll see you soon.