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Improv training can change your life. And becoming a skilled and confident improviser is an adventure worth the effort. We've built our school around supporting students at every point on their adventure. Our curriculum is designed to make our students successful immediately and then build quickly on those successes in a strategic and focused way. It will take practice, which is why all of our classes are active - you'll be on your feet, learning by doing, in a culture of mutual support and playful risk taking. Progressing through the levels will increase the sophistication of your work by integrating multiple aspects of scenework, group support, comedy technique and game playing, and longer improv structures. And the entire endeavor is led by talented and experienced instructors who share the same goal: to make your class experience a success and your graduation performance something truly special.

The Advanced Improv Program provides advanced training, turning qualified students into consistent performers. It's also the program where veteran improvisers can increase and sharpen their skills. This program is performance focused, offering more individualized attention, and a wide variety of classes and workshops. Advanced classes fall under the following categories: Advanced Improv 1, Advanced Level 2, Advanced Electives and Team Performance Workshop.

These classes are for two types of people: anyone who feels born to make up songs in front of people, and anyone who dreads the idea. You'll learn how to sing confidently within your own voice. You'll learn the mechanics of a song, and the underlying structures that songwriters use to create the building blocks of a larger musical piece. And you'll practice over and over with a supportive group of other improvisers, building toward creating spontaneous musicals without any pre-planned content. It's a fun and rewarding challenge, and when all the pieces come together it can be thrilling. After a bit of training, you may be asked to audition for one of the Musical Megawatt teams and gain a regular performance slot at the Magnet MainStage. Magnet is committed to maintaining the most comprehensive musical improv program anywhere by combining classroom instruction with ever-growing performance opportunities.

These classes are for people who want to learn to write great sketch comedy. The Magnet Comedy Writing Program teaches the mechanics behind what makes great sketches work, and applies that learning to each student's writing from concept to final polish. Structured around a 'writer's room' environment and led by experienced instructors, each student not only receives useful feedback, but also learns how to analyze their own work, preparing them to work outside the classroom environment. Advanced classes result in performances which are cast from Magnet performers and directed by the instructor. And throughout, students continue their creation of their writing packet - a necessary first step in the pursuit of comedy writing career. There are also many opportunities to refine your work by putting sketches on their feet, either with Sketch Club, The Generator, or by becoming part of a Magnet Sketch Team.

Storytelling is for everyone from the Moth Story Slam Champion in the making, to the writer seeking to fine-tune their narrative skills, or simply a non-performer who wants the confidence and ability to get in front of a group and engage them without fear. This program is designed to teach you how to take personal experiences from your life and create stories that an audience will deeply connect with. You will learn the basic elements of telling a narrative story, how to take a crowd by surprise and make them care, how to be real and truthful on stage, and how to discover and communicate the real meaning behind your experience.

As part of our comprehensive approach toward training great improvisers, the 'elective' classes are a way for students to augment the training they receive in our core curriculum and conservatory. These shorter term workshops provide ways for students to build new specific skills, go deeper into areas they love, experiment by following their curiosity, and provide an opportunity to work with different instructors. Check back regularly - one day and multi-week workshops are always being added.

As a student or potential student, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with Magnet's registration policies. If you have have a question that hasn't been answered here, please contact Magnet School Director (212) 244-8824 or

Student Expectations:
Students are required to be on time to class and stay for the entire class period. Please be courteous to your classmates. Disturbances, such as tardiness, cell phone use, inappropriate comments, and disrespectful behavior, will not be tolerated. Disruptive students may be asked to leave. If you require any special accommodations please call our School Director, at (212) 244-8824, at the time of your registration.

Students may miss no more than 2 classes. If a student misses more than 2 classes, the student may not be permitted to participate in the class show and must retake the class in order to move to the next level. A student may be held back and asked to repeat a class at the discretion of the instructor.

Students enter the program at Level 1 and must satisfactorily complete each level as a pre-requisite for the next level. Conservatory (our upper levels) students must be accepted through an application process. There is no pre-requisite for the Drop-In, the Free Intros, Any Level 1, Camp Magnet, or any elective unless specifically noted. Magnet reserves the right to accept or deny an individual's registration for a class.

Performance Opportunities:
Completion of the core curriculum and conservatory programs does not guarantee placement on a house team or guarantee any other performance opportunities at Magnet.

All Sales Final:
Class payments are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. All sales are final.

Registration Complete Upon Payment:
Registration is not complete and you are not placed in the class until payment is received in full.

If a Class is Re-scheduled or Cancelled:
It's rare, but in the event that Magnet must cancel or reschedule a class, enrolled students will be notified of any rescheduling by either email or phone, or both. In the event of a cancelled class, students can choose to have a credit towards another class (of the same financial value) or a full refund.