Let it Go!

Newsletter Wednesday November 3, 2021, 2:20am - by seantaylor

*NEW* End of Year Offerings
Rachael Mason

NOTES!!! (1 online session)

Thursday (11/18) @6:30pm

HHX (1 online session)

Thursday (12/2) @6:30pm

Megan Gray

Zoom Tag Outs and Walk Ons (3 online sessions)

Thursdays (12/2) @8pm

Once More With Feeling (2 online sessions)

Wednesdays (12/8) @8pm

Nikita Burdein

Improvised Hallmark Movie and Other Holiday Tales!
(In-Person 3 Sessions & 1 show)

Saturdays (12/4) @12pm

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Elizabeth Migliaccio
Magnet Theater
"The most important improv lesson I have learned is to LET IT GO! If you have scene that flops or a show that bombed - learn from it and then LET IT GO! Give yourself maybe an hour to think about it but then go have a drink or hang with your team and talk about life and laugh about the real shit. The same goes for a good show. Give yourself an hour to feel that high, but then just go be with your people! Because then it becomes about the experience of this amazing thing. At the end of the day it’s more important and fulfilling to connect with the people you perform with then to get that laugh! "

Check out Elizabeth Migliaccio in Bodywork in Megawatt