Clocked Your Vibe

Newsletter Thursday June 13, 2024, 3:03am - by seantaylor

Come march with us on Sunday, June 30th but sign up before Friday, June 14th.
Congrats to the new Megawatt lineup. Catch them every Wednesday night at the Magnet!
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New Offerings
Rick AndrewsImprov Level One

Sundays (6/30) @3pm

Dennis PachecoImprov Level One

Mondays (7/15) @6pmImprov Level One

Thursdays (7/25) @6pm

Jamie RiveraImprov Level Two

Mondays (7/8) @6pm

Michael LuttonImprov Level Three

Mondays (6/24) @8pmCoaching Class

Saturdays (6/29) @12pm

Coaching Musical Improv

Sundays (7/21) @12pm

Louis KornfeldImprov Level Three

Mondays (7/22) @6pmTeam Performance Workshop

Sundays (7/21) @4pm

Team Performance Workshop

Mondays (7/22) @8pm

Acting Techniques for Improvisers

Mondays (7/22) @4pm

Armando DiazSketch Writing Level One

Mondays (7/22) @6:30pm

Nat SilvermanSketch Writing Level Two

Mondays (7/1) @6:30pm

Cheryl Horne and Frank SpitznagelMusical Improv Level One

Wednesdays (7/3) @12pm

Nikita Burdein and Frank SpitznagelMusical Improv Level 4: Cinema Studies

Saturdays (6/29) @1pm

Peter McNerneyAdv. Special FX

Thursdays (6/20) @6pm

Adam WadeStorytelling

Thursdays (7/11) @6:30pmThe Summer Story Pool

Tuesdays (7/30) @6:30pm

Terje BrevikThe Improv Toolbelt

Sunday (6/16) @12pm

Summer Intensives
Elana FishbeinImprov Level Two Intensive

Mon-Fri (6/17) @11:30amImprov Level One Intensive

Mon-Fri (7/8) @11:30am

Improv Level Two Intensive

Mon-Fri (7/15) @11:30am

Improv Level Three Intensive

Mon-Fri (8/19) @11:30am

Michael Lutton and Frank SpitznagelMusical Improv Level One Intensive

Mon-Fri (6/24) @11:30amMusical Improv Level One Intensive

Mon-Fri (7/22) @11:30am

Musical Improv Level Two Intensive

Mon-Fri (7/29) @11:30am

Michael LuttonImprov Level One Intensive

Mon-Fri (8/5) @11:30amImprov Level Two Intensive

Mon-Fri (8/12) @11:30am

Ask an Improviser"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"
Performer Aaron Gold
Magnet Theater
"The scene starts when you start to come off the backline. Making a motion to come on but then retreating gives the audience the impression that you're not confident in your own show, and they lose a bit of confidence in it as well. Same goes for whatever emotion or feeling you have on your face when you enter a scene. Even if you haven't said anything yet, the audience clocked your vibe, and changing it up because you doubt your idea will ring as untrue to them. The audience sees everything, so bailing on anything is always caught. Better to just trust your team and see what organically unfolds."

Check out Aaron on the Magnet stage in You Are Not Alone: An Uplifting Show About Depression and on TV on his MNN show Don't Mind If I Don't