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Auditioning for TV & Commercials This is the class you have heard about. Hundreds of improvisors and performers in NYC have taken T.J. Mannix's on-camera auditioning classes. This is the opportunity to put your improv skills to work in the entertainment industry and learn how to get paid to do what you love.

This 5 day intensive class will cover the ABC?s of auditioning. Topics to be covered include auditioning, working with sides, knowing what to wear when, how to build industry relationships, and the business of the business. Students will work on-camera each week, ending with a live audition for commercial agents and casting directors in an industry showcase. INDUSTRY SHOWCASE NIGHT WILL BE XXXXX

"This class is amazing! T.J. has a ton of knowledge about auditioning and I can't recommend this class enough. If you take it, it'll cut a year or more off your learning curve for commercial auditions. If you're interested in commercial auditioning: TAKE THIS CLASS!" - Andrew Yurman-Glaser

"The industry audition felt great. I felt really confident and prepared... and that's definitely due to this class. This has been a great experience." - Elana Fishbein

"The class paid for itself and then some and I'd recommend it to anyone out there who wants to take their auditioning skills to the next level!" - Ali Maher

"(T .J. is) like a doctor. He fixes what is ailing actors in their auditions and knows exactly how to diagnose each student's needs. It is rare to have someone truly care about another actors success and to get the inside scoop on auditioning." -Ruby Marez

"At the beginning of class T.J. had us write every question we had about the audition process on an index card. We didn't see those cards again until the end of class when T . J . read each one aloud. There wasn't a single question left unanswered." - Jesse Acini

"This guy is the real deal!!!" - Adam Wade

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