The Improv Toolbelt

The Improv Toolbelt with Terje Brevik

Class Description

Every time you walk on stage, you’re wearing an invisible tool belt filled with most, if not all the improv tools you need. Most tools are adaptable, while some should be employed "only for their intended purpose".

The Impro Toolbelt workshop will provide more tools for your improv tool belt in the form of simple tips and tricks (‘cheats’) designed to push things forward when you feel stuck or lost in a scene.

Instructor: Terje Brevik

Terje Brevik is an improviser from Norway, the land of trolls, fjords and the midnight sun.

He sometimes feels clever when he says that he teaches improv to people who want to do improv, and improv to people who don’t want to do improv. The tools and skill sets provided by improv are not exclusive to theater; they can be explored and applied by everyone interested in connecting more with themselves and others, to improve communication, collaboration, creativity, and more.

In his work, Terje uses the very same tools himself to facilitate playful learning experiences in a fun, inclusive and safe way. His style of teaching has earned him the nickname “the Navy SEAL of psychological safety”.

His ideas, style and preferences come from a broad and diverse range of sources. He considers himself very lucky and privileged to have studied with Keith Johnstone, at the Annoyance, iO Theater, Loose Moose, the Pack theater and many more (yet he learns the most from his students).

Terje holds two Bachelor's degrees, one in Drama and Theater Communication, and the other in Computer Engineering.He comes with 10+ years of experience teaching and performing internationally.

He is the founder of Tøyen Impro, an improv school for everyone, and the Short Notice Improv Festival, an international week long festival complete with workshops, shows and a Big Day Out! Before that he founded the Impro Neuf community and the Oslo Impro Festival.

Terje lives in Oslo, Norway, and already regrets ending this sentence with water bottle taco beat.


Full Session Schedule

Session Schedule*

  1. Jun 16, 2024, 12:00pm - 3:00pm
    at Ripley Grier (520 8th Ave, 16th fl)
    (btw 36th & 37th Sts)
This class does not have a show/performance