Announcing the New Megawatt Lineup!

Improv, Megawatt, Opening Night Saturday May 25, 2024, 11:39am - by Magnet Theater

We're thrilled to announce the newest additions to our Megawatt lineup. Come see these new groups in action at the season premiere this coming Wednesday, May 29. As always, the Mixer starts at 6pm and shows will be at 7pm, 8pm, 9pm, and 10pm!

New Team Blossom
Hannah Biener
Delmar Dualeh
Hayden Jones
Dylan Manning
Rosie Marinelli
Sara McDonough
Nicolas Recalde
Margaret Smith

New Team Bubbles
Ha Cao
Tess Frazer Hofmaier
Alex Kornfeld
Chloe Prasinos
Davonte Smith
Matty Tuzynski
Heidi Waldenmeier
Brent Williams

New Team Buttercup
Matt Abedi
Keegan Garant
Sara Hardman
Ben Koch
Christine Magee
Ro Rovito
Daniel Spruill
Sarah Unterberger

Two of our existing teams are getting new members! New members appear in italics.

Sean Chang
Jana Keaton
Joe Nugent
Sarah Poirier
Hannah Single
Donna Steele
Shareef Taher
Nate Wise

Timothy Agius
Jason Leal
Eleanor Lewis
Michael Mackenzie
Sonia Nam
Sara Parelhoff
Justina Sparling
Paul Ton