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Newsletter Wednesday March 29, 2023, 12:29am - by seantaylor

Camp Magnet is back!
Early Registration begins April 15th, 2023
Musical Megawatt Auditions are coming. Deadline to apply is April 5th. Visit here for more information
Our upcoming Saturday afternoon Coaching Class is looking for L2 (and beyond) improvisers to get coached. Sign up here to get involved!
New Offerings
Michael Lutton

Improv Level 1

Mondays (4/3) @3:15pm

Dennis Pacheco

Improv Level 1

Sundays (4/30) @4pm

Improv Level 1

Mondays (5/15) @8pm

Nick Kanellis

Improv Level 1

Tuesdays (4/25) @8pm

Improv Level 2

Tuesdays (4/25) @1pm

Elana Fishbein

Improv Level 2

Tuesdays (5/2) @6pm

Billy Soco

Improv Level 2

Wednesdays (5/17) @6pm

Armando Diaz

Improv Level 3

Wednesdays (4/26) @6pm

Sketch Writing Level 1 (online)

Mondays (5/1) @7pm ET

Peter McNerney

Adv Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Thursdays (5/18) @6pm

Michael Lutton and Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level 1

Wednesdays (4/12) @3:30pm

Adam Wade


Saturdays (4/1) @11am


Thursdays (4/13) @6:30pm

Megan Gray

Adv Busy Town

Tuesdays (5/9) @6pm

Improv Level Three (online)

Thursdays (3/30) @8pm ET

Susan Messing

Fix It or Make It Worse: A Masterclass

Tuesday (5/16) @7pm

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Lane Kwederis
Magnet Theater
"One of the most important improv lessons I've learned is that any "mistake" you or your scene partner makes can almost always be a gift. That has often become the fun unusual thing in the scene that we get to play with and ends up making the scene funnier and more enjoyable. It can be so easy to try to be a "perfect" improviser who gets everything right but in actuality curiosity over perfection will always help in the long run. So if you ever think to yourself "Oh no! I just messed up!": Take a breath and think about what this could possibly mean for the scene. Allow yourself to be surprised by yourself and I assure you the scene will be way more fun and interesting."

Check out Lane in her upcoming one person show Sex Job Sunday (4/2) at the Magnet or elsewhere at sexjobshow.com or in Musical Megawatt on Moonshine