Holiday Sale

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Holiday Sale!
Celebrate the holidays with our new Virtual Classes! We've redesigned our core classes to fit Zoom and your budget!
No experience? No problem. Try our Free Intro to Improv with Megan Gray
on Monday, Dec 21st at 8pm
Improv Level One with Michael Lutton
Wednesdays at 6:30pm 1/6 or Saturdays at 3pm 1/9 or The Mono-Scene Thursdays at 6:30pm 1/7
Megan Gray kicks off a brand new Improv Level One on Mondays at 8pm starting January 4th
Nick Kanellis kicks off the New Year with an Improv Level Two class Saturdays at 1pm beginning January 9th
Elana Fishbein's Improv Level Two starts Wednesdays 1/13 at 7:30pm and Improv for Teens on both Tuesdays 1/5 and Saturdays 1/9 at 4pm.
Ross Taylor instructs Improv Level Two on Mondays 1/4 at 7pm as well as Improv Level Three on Sundays 1/3 at 3pm
Louis Kornfeld teaches Narrative Skills on Tuesdays 1/5 at 6pm, Level Three on Wednesdays 1/6 at 6pm, and The Fairy Tale on Thursdays 1/28 at 6pm
Jon Bander teaches Character Writing on Tuesdays at 7pm starting December 15th
Apply for Lanee' Sander's Sketch Writing Level Two class on Wednesdays at 6pm starting February 3rd
And visit our Electives page often to see new offerings regurlarly
Remember Me?

Magnet visits with people we haven't seen in awhile.

Writer/Performer Kay Mollica
Kay Mollica
1. Where are you sheltering?
I’ve been between Brooklyn with who are left of my roommates and Long Island with my family. I am back on Long Island for the quar winter. That’s Bogey, our dog, who we found 10 years ago on a golf course!
2. How are you staying sane?
I’ve let go of the idea that I need to be happy right now. I don’t think this year is about being happy. Happiness is a feeling, and emotions are like the weather: they come and go. Instead, I’m taking the time to listen to my body and be her employee. I’m trying to eat to feel good whether that means ice cream or a tofu veggie scramble. I have the privilege of working from home so I have more space to listen and respond to those signals.
3. What do you miss most?
I have a Leo moon so I miss performing! More than that, though, I miss being in a writers room punching up scripts and having intelligent conversations about very stupid things. I love that in comedy you have to know a little bit of everything in order to subvert it. I remember in one Ransom (our sketch team) writers meeting we talked about classic Korean horror movies, diet culture, and the musical Annie all in the first hour. I also miss going to Megawatt thinking I’d just sit by myself and ending the night eating Pizza Suprema with a bunch of super kind people to unpack an epic Sexy Baby set.
4. What don't you miss?
I don’t miss how competitive and self-flagellating the improv community can sometimes be! I hope if you lost sleep over not getting enough stage time at UCB East in 2016-2017, you realize that that pressure is off. ““““Getting in”””” to Level 5 has absolutely no merit on who you are as a human being. Are you a nice person? Then I promise Peter likes you.“Everything is made up and the points don’t matter,” is actually kind of spiritual. In my mind, Drew Carrey is Ram Dass.
5. What do you want to say to the other members of the Magnet community?
Megan says something in her classes like: “take what serves you leave what doesn’t” when it comes to improv notes and like everything with improv, it applies in a larger sense. Have you ever taken Louis’ Advanced Harold class? We learned that The Harold actually took its sweet time morphing into the form we know it to be now, so doesn’t it stand to reason you can take your time coming to it? You have the tools to navigate this, babe! I think if you do improv you’re the queen of my prom and I have a massive camp counselor crush on you.