Anyone and Anything

Newsletter Friday February 4, 2022, 12:46am - by seantaylor

New *Sketch* Classes
Armando Diaz

Sketch Writing Level One (online)

Mondays (2/21) @7pm

Lanee' Sanders & Gregory Cornejo

Sketch Writing Level 3 (Zoom & in-person)

Thursday (2/23) @7pm

New *Online* Classes
No experience? No problem.

Free Intro to Improv (online)

Tuesday (2/15) @8pm

Megan Gray

Improv Level One (Online)

Tuesdays (3/1) @8pm

Improv Level Two

Wednesdays (3/16) @8pm

Ross Taylor

Improv Level 3 (online)

Tuesdays (3/15) @7pm

New *In-Person* Classes
Michael Lutton

Improv Level One (in-person)

Mondays (2/28) @6pm

Dennis Pacheco
Improv Level One (in-person)

Saturdays (3/12) @4pm

Thursdays (3/24) @6pm

Armando Diaz

Improv Level Two (in-person)

Thursdays (2/24) @6pm

Improv Level Three (in-person)

Tuesdays (3/15) @6pm

Other New Classes
Adam Wade

Regular Storytelling (in-person)

Saturdays (3/19) @12pm

Original Advanced Storytelling (in-Person)

Sundays (3/20) @12pm

Elana Fishbein

Improv for Teens (Ages 13-17) (online)

Saturdays (2/26) @4pm

Dhalia Ramsay

Object Work - The Energy Efficient Choice (Online)

Mondays (3/7) @7pm

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Valete Graham
Magnet Theater
"This one’s a bit nontraditional, but in the context of a Code of Conduct for an improv workshop, I once saw the following class agreement: “In improv, you can be anyone and anything you want to be. Make sure everyone else can too.” I found that perfectly simple, profound, and applicable to about a million situations. Be good to each other, peeps."

Check out Valete Graham in Mr. Bear at Megawatt