Q&A: The Hayley Show with Hayley and Friends with Haley Karl

Interviews Thursday September 20, 2018, 10:09am - by Magnet Theater

This Friday at 7, The Hayley Show with Hayley and Friends comes to Magnet Theater for one night only! Join us as we pick Hayley Karl's brain about her newest sketch-tacular creation. 

You and your posters promised us hotdogs....will there be hotdogs?!

I NEVER break a promise.

Hayley Karl blowing a kazooTell us about your super cool, super powerful lady cast.

Oh my goodness, these ladies were forged in the fires of comedic greatness. You got Carly Monardo, esteemed Magnet alum, formerly of Metal Boy and You Will Die More Than Once coming to take the stage once again! You got Chrissie Gruebel currently of Metal Boy and UCB Maude Team Presely who ALSO directed this show, (whaaat?!). And then we have myself (current host of Beer, Period, ever heard of beer?!), Becca Schall (ever heard of Nitro Girls?!), Jessica Taylor (ever heard of Dinosaur Jones?! Well, that's FINE if you haven't they're a former Magnet Sketch team that Carly, Becca and I were all on together and they were great!!). And Bianca Casusol (ever heard of IMPROV?! Seriously, she teaches Levels One and Two at Magnet and is on The Friday Night Sh*w, YAH HEEEEEARD?!)

What kinds of sketches will we get to watch?

This show has everything from southern belles to a kidnapper who can't catch a break, with a generous helping of Henry Gubbo, hot dogs and World War I for good measure.

Is there a theme or an over-arching story? In other words, why put all these sketches together in one show?

I have squished some of my very favorite sketches I wrote into one delicious sandwich of a show. It's very much like a reuben in that all the ingredients are so bold and stand out so distinctly that you'd think "these will never all work together" and yet they come together so wonderfully (if you're not vegan.) Eat up fam!

How long have you been doing sketch? What's special about getting to perform in a sketch that you wrote yourself?

I have now been writing sketch for three years and it is by far my favorite thing to do in comedy. Performing sketch is my second favorite, BUT it can be liberating to make your own words come to life rather than nervously watching from the back row. Also, I get to do one of my favorite things (eat a 7/11 hot dog) so I'm really looking forward to that.
Get your tickets for a night of Hayley-tastic hilarity, this Friday at 7, only at Magnet Theater!


Hayley Karl in a hot dog suit for The Hayley Show