Getting Out of My Head

Newsletter Thursday December 1, 2022, 1:53am - by seantaylor

New Offerings
Rick Andrews

Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Sundays (1/8) @4pm

Dennis Pacheco

Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Mondays (1/9) @6pm

Megan Gray

Improv Level 1 (online)

Thursdays (1/5) @6pm ET

Improv Level 2 (online)

Thursdays (1/5) @8pm ET

Billy Soco

Improv Level 2 (in-person)

Thursdays (1/5) @6pm

Michael Lutton

Improv Level 2 (in-person)

Wednesdays (1/4) @3pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level Three (in-person)

Mondays (1/2) @4pm

Cheryl Horne and Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level One (in-person)

Wednesdays (1/4) @6pm

Michael Lutton and Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Mondays (1/9) @3:30pm

Musical Improv Level 3 (in-person)

Mondays (1/9) @6pm

Armando Diaz

Sketch Writing Level One (online)

Wednesdays (1/23) @7pm ET

January Intensives
Nick Kanellis

Improv Level One Intensive (in-person)

Mon-Fri (1/9) @12pm

Michael Lutton

Improv Level 2 Intensive (in-person)

Mon-Fri (1/16) @12pm

Improv Level 3 Intensive (in-person)

Mon-Fri (1/23) @12pm

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Steve Whyte
Magnet Theater
"Sometimes when I don't know what's going on in a scene, or I'm in my head, or I'm generally not feeling confident in the moment, I may "hug the back wall" and stay as far upstage as possible. Being more distant from the audience feels safer. If I hide up there, maybe they won't notice that I don't know what the f#** I'm doing. Unfortunately, it probably just makes it look like I don't know what the f#** I'm doing. But - if I go downstage - like, all the way down, maybe even into the front row - it gives the appearance of confidence and the audience may think - "hey - they really know what they're doing!" But better than that, coming downstage actually manifests a real sense of confidence and boldness, and helps get me out of my head. Despite having heard this from multiple teachers and coaches, I still have to remind myself to do this. So if you see me hugging the back wall, I probably don't know what the f#** I'm doing in that moment. And if you see me downstage, well, I still might not know what the f#** I'm doing. But hopefully that is less apparent and I'm on my way to getting out of my head."

Check out Steve in Megawatt on Rebel! Rebel! or at Musical Megawatt with Moonshine