Limitless Improvised Moments

Newsletter Thursday August 11, 2022, 7:57pm - by seantaylor

Fall 2022 Circuit Teams announced!. See them in action on Thursday nights at the theater!
Sketch Teams are coming back! Applications for the 2022 Fall Season are now available. Submission deadline is August 24th at 5pm so apply today!
We are currently taking applications for an Instagram Intern. Deadline to apply is Sat (8/13)
New Offerings
Dennis Pacheco

Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Tuesdays (9/6) @6pm

Improv Level 1 (in-Person)

Thursdays (9/8) @8pm

Michael Lutton

Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Fridays (9/30) @4pm

Nick Kanellis

Improv Level 1 Intensive (in-person)

Mon-Fri (9/12) @12pm

Improv Level 2 Intensive (in-Person)

Mon-Fri (9/19) @12pm

Jamie Rivera

Improv Level 2 (in-person)

Mondays (9/12) @6pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level 3 (in-person)

Sundays (9/11) @4pm

Narrative Skills (in-Person)

Wednesdays (9/7) @8pm

Armando Diaz

Sketch Writing Level One (online)

Wednesdays (8/24) @7pm

Lanee' Sanders & Gregory Cornejo

Sketch Writing Level 3 (in-person show)

Tuesdays (8/30) @7pm

Michael Lutton & Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level One (in-person)

Mondays (9/19) @3:30pm

Musical Improv Three (in-Person)

Saturdays (9/10) @12pm

Adam Wade

Storytelling Intensive (in-person)

Tue-Thu (8/23) @10am

Storytelling (in-Person)

Tuesdays (9/6) @6:30pm

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Xavier Padin
Magnet Theater
"Any bit of improv is really just information. One data point, among many others. That is, unless we treat it like it means something. Why not treat it like a gift?

    1. As a performer, treating info as a gift has helped me:
  1. be a better listener,
  2. take off pressure to be interesting/funny by being interested in the ideas of my teammates, and
  3. contribute to awesome collaboration.
    1. As a character, treating info as a gift helps me:
  1. decide if I πŸ‘πŸ½ orπŸ‘ŽπŸ½ the gift (I try to never act apathetic or indifferently btw 😐 because that neutralizes the info and can create a vacuum),
  2. enjoy unwrapping the gift or be curious about its origins, and
  3. explore what playing with the gift means for me, you, and about β€œus.”

The gift approach can be applied liberally or conservatively. It helps me be grounded in something real, make active choices, and it drives limitless improvised moments."

Check out Xavier Padin in ADX (Armando Diaz Experience)