Be a Superspy!

Newsletter Friday July 1, 2022, 3:46am - by seantaylor

The Mixer, Magnet's open improv jam, returns Sat (7/9) @9pm, Sun (7/17) @7:30pm, and Fri (7/29) @7pm. Sign-ups begin 30 min prior to showtime.

Free for students, $5 tickets for everyone else.

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New Offerings
Dennis Pacheco

Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Mondays (7/25) @6pm

Improv Level 1 (in-Person)

Sundays (8/7) @3pm

Michael Lutton

Improv Level 2 (in-person)

Fridays (7/8) @4pm

Billy Soco

Improv Level 2 (in-person)

Thursdays (7/28) @6pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level 3 (in-person)

Mondays (8/15) @6pm

Cheryl Horne, Michael Lutton & Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level 1 (in-person)

Sundays (6/26) @2pm

Lanee' Sanders & Gregory Cornejo

Sketch Writing Level 3 (in-person show)

Tuesdays (8/16) @7pm

Rich Talarico

Developing Your Comedy Series Format (online)

Sundays (8/7) @5pm

Aaron Gold

Performing with Confidence (in-person)

Saturday (7/30) @11am

Rick Andrews

Longer Scenes (in-person)

Sundays (7/24) @2pm

August Intensives
Michael Lutton & Frank Spitznagel

Musical Improv Level 1 Intensive (in-person)

Mon-Fri (8/15) @12pm

Louis Kornfeld

Improv Level 3 Intensive (in-Person)

Mon-Fri (8/22) @12pm

Adam Wade

Storytelling Intensive (in-person)

Tue-Thu (8/23) @10am

Ask an Improviser

"What is the most important improv lesson you ever learned?"

Performer Beth Slack
Magnet Theater
"Be an aggressively supportive scene partner. If your focus is on being the best scene partner you can, you will be the most present you can be, and the show will have so much forward momentum. What does it mean to be a supportive scene partner? Be a superspy! Listen to and watch everything. Hear what is being said. See what is being communicated to you via body language. Be curious and observe. Be present! Stay in the scene. Don’t check out to think of jokes or try to map out the scene. Just be there in it with your partners. Make choices! Have you ever tried to make dinner plans with someone who doesn’t care or have an opinion about where you go? It’s infuriating. Same goes for improv. Make. Choices. With every choice you are building your character’s infrastructure…which can become a jungle gym for your partner to play on. Use the space! Where are you? Help flesh it out so that you and your partner can be in the space together. Pay attention to where your scene partner put down their cup. How does making a window on that wall serve your scene partner? The more grounded you and your partner are in the space, the more you can play. React! If your scene partner is telling you something, react to what they are telling you. Your reaction also serves them. How does your reaction impact their character? How does your reaction impact the relationship between the two of you? Have your partner’s back! Great improv is found when you can trust your partners. When you tell one another got your back before you hit the stage – mean it. Make sure your partner feels safe and supported. And like your childhood soccer coach once told you, get out there and have fun! Improv is fun. What makes it fun for me is that you are out there creating a world with other people who are also out there looking to create a world. I know this is a pretty insane list. But it’s not about execution but rather intention. If you step on that stage and your intent is to be the best scene partner you can be, then you will be really present and make choices that not only best serve your scene partner, but also serve the show. "

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