Crisis: An Improvised Comic Book

About the Show

CRISIS: AN IMPROVISED COMIC BOOK is half improv comedy and half graphic novel with all the strengths of both mediums but none of their weaknesses. Our fearless funnymen ask the audience to be the Uncle Ben to their set's Peter Parker and inspire them... with a suggestion for their set. With that, these jokers of justice make up the extraordinary origin story of a never-before-seen superhero in the style of reading a comic book from cover to cover.

This exciting issue features a crossover with the im-prop-visers of OBJECT WORK, who have been chosen by the YESANDER (the Beyonder of the Comediverse) to shake things up in one of improv's SECRET FORMS: sets which incorporate challenges based on comic book tropes.

About Crisis:
Ever since that fateful night when Matt Kerstetter, Kevin Tully, and Mark X Guinn witnessed the murder of all of their parents at once in an alley behind an improv comedy theater, they swore together to become more than men. They have traveled through time and space, honed their improv skills among wolves, kidnapped by a secret organization that conducted terrible experiments on them, augmenting their "Yes, And" skills beyond the normal human limit and after escaping, a wizard sent them to the past, when they all punched Hitler at the same time brining them to present day America. By day they are millionaire playboy-philanthropists, and by night they are the improv team CRISIS!

About Object Work:
OBJECT WORK welcomes real-world, physical objects to the stage as Special Guests to perform long-form improv alongside an All-Star Cast of Humans. Enjoy a night of comedy where the inanimate comes alive before your very eyes and the laws of the natural world are bent, if not permanently broken. Leave the pantomiming at home.

WARNING: Not recommended for the faint of heart. Pupaphobes Beware: Puppetry may occur.

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001