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Sun, Jun 17th
6:00pm - ($7)

From the Magnet Directing Lab, a diverse group of writers find love in the strangest places. Directed by Nick Jack Pappas.

Cast: Arya Govil, Duaa Osman, Rokhsane Zadeh, Thomas Vorsteg, Christian more»

6:00pm - ($7)

Comedy for People of color? Womynx? Trans and Gender non-conforming folks?


Directed by: Dominique Nisperos

Written & Performed by: Zubi Ahmed, Ana Defillo, Lynae more»

7:30pm - ($10)

Seasoned performers, longtime instructors, and all-around swell guys Rick Andrews and Louis Kornfeld combine their improv powers for a longform show that's as honest as it is hilarious. With a patient more»

9:00pm - ($7)

Matt Sellitti, Matt Abedi and Tim Layman eat a hot pepper they bought off the Internet and then improvise. more»

9:00pm - ($7)

CHUCHO is an Latinx improv team that regularly performs throughout NYC. CHUCHO has trained at Magnet Theater, UCB, iO, WIT, Groundlings, Dojo Comedy, Theater 99, and the mother-loving PBCC (Palm Beach more»

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Tonight's Shows:

Sun, Jun 17th

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Nick Pappas holding a black dog

What’s your show all about? Are we gonna see sketches or more of a cohesive play?

Our show is a series of sketches that talks about love and relationships in all their unusual forms.

What kinds of strangeness can the audience look forward to seeing?

The audience will get to see love at first sight in Penn Station, dealing with exes in a galaxy far, far away, and what happens when the love story is over and the cameras are shut off. Also, there's a really cool guy named Matt Canonie. You'll see.

Love Is Strange is coming out of the Sketch Directing Lab. How did the lab shape your process?

The Diversity Directing Lab was amazing. Zackery really helped us define how to put on a show that gets the audience laughing. A good show is more than just putting up a series of funny sketches. You need to understand the importance of the show order and how well all the sketches work together. Most importantly, in the lab we really focused more on sketches that deal with relationships between characters more than finding a game. That's why my group ended up with the theme we have.

Have you heard the song “Love Is Strange” from the TV show Galavant? (It’s on Netflix and seriously, you should check it out.) “Love is straaaange and sometimes kinda gross, it’s embarrassingly gassy….”

I hadn't heard the song until you mentioned it, but it's great! I think you'll see similar ideas in the show.
Don't miss Love Is Strange, Sunday June 17 & 24 at 6:00, only at Magnet! image description
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