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Our homegrown writers and performers bring you brand-new sketch comedy every Monday night in two half-hour blocks of hilarity. Equal parts smart and silly, dark and irreverent, this is the freshest content to come out of our writers room each month. Our ensembles have been official selections of some of the biggest sketch festivals around the country, but you can catch them right here on our stage every single week.

Magnet Sketch Teams

The Executives
The Nitro Girls
Gary From HR
Mama's Boy
Good Bones
Perfect Storm
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A whole night entirely dedicated to musical improv, Musical Megawatt showcases everything you love about musical theater, all made up on the spot. Are they magicians? No! Just some of the best improvisers around. Come out every Tuesday and catch a rotation of new, never-before-seen musicals all night long.

Musical Megawatt Ensembles

Warm Blooded
Public Pool
Family Trip
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Each week, our hand-picked ensembles converge on the Magnet stage for a full night of high-powered long form. Each group brings its unique style to some of the greatest improv forms, from Harolds to monoscenes and everything in between. Check it out every Wednesday night and see what your faves are up to!

Megawatt Ensembles

Metal Boy
Sexy Baby
She Wolf
Big Whoop
Little Dipper
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Block Party is two teams, one hour, and one incredible celebration of comedy.

Featuring The Music Industry, a Megawatt ensemble brought to Thursday Night Out for the good of humanity, and Junior Varsity, one of New York's most respected improv teams, handpicked by Magnet founder Armando Diaz in 2007.

Veteran Magnet Improv Teams

Junior Varsity
The Music Industry

Upcoming Ensemble Shows

Retired Ensembles