Magnet Theater Update 11/7/20

Appreciation, Celebration, Hanging Out Saturday November 7, 2020, 6:39pm - by seantaylor

Hello Magnet Community,

We’ve suffered a long hard time. But finally, we are seeing some hope. And that hope comes from all the people who worked hard, didn’t lose faith and refused to give up on the dream of a better kinder world. It is when people unite for everyone’s benefit that things get done and monsters get slayed. Therefore we must always fight division and confront the forces that try to isolate us and cow us. 

The fight is not over. We have a long, long road ahead of us. The challenges are overwhelming but we can’t let that stop us from our work. The battle must be fought not just one day in November but every day. We have to live our ideals. While that may require toil and sacrifice, it is essential because the rewards are so precious. We had forgotten how precious they were until we almost lost them. Today I am thankful and I am humbled but I don’t quite feel like celebrating yet. There is so much more to do and we must always remember what we have been through.

While Magnet is just a tiny improv theater, there is one thing that I’ve learned from it over all these years. People need community. And when people can get together and be supportive and share with one another it is a powerful feeling. It gives us connection. We see how the world could be different if we all truly saw each other person to person. Imagine if the entire world could do that. Maybe the world's problems could be solved. Again, we are just a tiny theater but I hope that the energy and practices which come from getting together to improvise can migrate out into the world. It is my hope that those who have felt the benefits of getting together with their fellow humans to have fun can also join together to change the world. If nothing else our improv festivals would get a heck of a lot bigger! 

I hope that all of you are well and able to stay connected.


Armando Diaz