You Are Not Alone + The Anxiety Show

Charity, Events, Press Sunday September 29, 2019, 5:52pm - by Magnet Theater

A ONE NIGHT ONLY BENEFIT For Vibrant Emotional Health At NYC's Magnet Theater On Thurs, Oct 3

OK. WE GET IT. There are wonderful people in this world who grew up with the perfect amount of nurturing, who live simple lives with excellent boundaries, and have managed to keep an even keel despite the odds. 

This show is not for those people.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, an improvised comedy uniting improvisers and artists battling depression and mental illness, teams up with THE ANXIETY SHOW, a Canadian alt dark variety comedy show exploring different mental health disorders, as told by comedians, musicians, storytellers, and others firsthand, to make a ONE-NIGHT-ONLY DOUBLE BILL FUNDRAISER for Vibrant Emotional Health (the parent company behind the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, NYC Well, and other NYC-based life-saving initiatives). 

"Funny and honest"


THE ANXIETY SHOW has been featured on CBC, CUTV, and Global News, and explores the theme F**K NYC! On the bill are Danny Vega, Louie Pearlman, Kerry Ipema (One Woman Sex in the City), Kurt Fitzpatrick, Michele Lanham, and YOU in the Open Mic! YOU ARE NOT ALONE, in celebration of its five-year anniversary, will feature the core cast Aaron Gold, Michael Serpe, Candice Opperman, Justina Sparling, Shaun Farrugia, Tom Sanchez, and Ivy Hong, alongside special guests!

"Clever, talented and energetic"

NOW Magazine

So don’t do it alone - come get dark with us and heal through hilarity!  (We brought cookies).

Date: Thursday Oct 3, 2019, 7:00pm & 8:30pm. Tickets: $7 per show ($14 total)

Media Contact: Megan Phillips