Q&A: A Very Hip-Hop Holiday with Katy and Steve…with Katy Berry

Interviews Tuesday December 11, 2018, 2:09pm - by Magnet Theater

Is it just us or do the holidays severely lack in hip-hop? No more! Katy Berry and Steve Jeanty present A Very Hip-Hop Holiday with Katy and Steve, a riotously fun show going up Saturday December 15 at 10:30!

Steve Jeanty and Katy Berry onstage

What about the show are you most excited about?

I’m excited to do hip hop improv with some of my ole pals, to have a show that’s unapologetically bursting with holiday spirit, and to do hip hop improv with a live band! We have Adrien Pellerin on keys and Sarah Mullins on the drums! I’m used to performing with beatboxers, but I think having a band is gonna bring some next level Christmas vibes.

How long have you guys known each other? What do each of you bring to the team?

Steve and I have been performing together for a few years and I am his stage mom. Steve is an amazing rhyme artist and his style is goofy and suave at the same time. I find him very endearing and refreshing to watch! This is our first show co-hosting together and I’m giddy about it because I love my son so much!!!

What can the audience look forward to seeing?

High energy, great songs, probably some aggressive dance moves. There’s usually a little murder. Or Santa getting boned. Or Ms Claus spraying holly berries out her goose knuckle. I mean, it’s improv. Literally anything can happen. But I’m on the show so you know it’ll get a little freaky deaky, and there will probably be a very important moral about love that only the power of the holidays can teach us!

Tell us about your guest, DMXX!

Wow, what can I even say about these performers? DMXX is a team that emerged from the first class I ever taught. They are a super diverse group of women and every time they get on stage you can feel their joy and their ferocious support of one another. They attack everything and there is this love between them that’s infectious to watch. They are a gust of fresh air that the improv scene needs!

What's the weirdest holiday moment you've ever had?

Omg, in 2012 I left my long term boyfriend on Christmas Eve. I boarded a one-way plane from California to NYC like BYE BYYYEEEE. That was the best goddamn present I ever got myself! That and the Magnet winter intensive class I started two weeks later.

Get ready to jam at A Very Hip-Hop Holiday with Katy and Steve, Saturday December 15 at 10:30!

"Katy and Steve present: A Very Hip Hop Holiday" written on a green banner over photos of Katy Berry and Steve Jeanty in festive Christmas hats.