New Round of Circuit Teams – Fall 2011

The Circuit Wednesday September 7, 2011, 3:53pm - by Magnet Theater

Short Circuit PhotoThe Circuit works like this: every Friday night at 10pm, three of the current six Circuit teams (composed of Magnet Students and veteran performers) perform the Harold. Teams exist for three months – enough time to perform a good amount of shows before the next round of Circuit teams replace the current ones. After three months, the teams are burned up in a secret sacred ritual and then new Circuit teams rise from the ashes like a comedy phoenix. So, who’s in on the action this time around?

Coach: Sean Taylor
Zohar Adner
John Trujillo
Michael Dwyer
Robert Kern
Christine Magee
Greg Wilker
Amy Hellman
Courtney Mazzone


Coach: Angela DeManti
JR Harrington
Michael Dervin
Rachel Werbel
Sebastian Conelli
Joe Lepore
Amanda Hirsch
M. Cole Chilton
Matt Stillman


Coach: Eden Gauteron
Clark Lantz
Lorina Ladrillono
Jenice Matias
Gretchen Poole
Sean Johnson
Charles Rogers
Phoebe Tyers
Nicholas Feitel

Coach: Emily Bryan
Tristan Smith
Shacottha Fields
Jeffrey Mitchell
Shalini Tripathi
Mike Weiss
Athos Cakiades
Terry Mcgoey
Dennis Zavolock


Coach: Garrett Palm
Rosie Pelka
Michael Short
Ivan Lerner
Dan Bookbinder
Lisa Perez
Sarah Law
Nicholas Brown
Marie Sicari

Come out on Friday Sept 16th to see the debut of Team Monk, Holiday and Coltrane!