The Anti-Gay Agenda

About the Show

It's 2024, and gay people still want rights?! Don't you just hate that? If you answered "Yes!" then join the anchors of StraightForward, the only News Show that exposes the queer-backwards media for what it is: a child-indoctrinating, God-hating gay-fest!

(Celebrate the month of Gaypril with the all-queer cast and crew in a sketch show like no other!)

Produced and Directed by Allie Kroeper

Writers/Performers: Aarushi Agni Kalynn Chambers Jessie Maye Christopher Maya Danzig Aleko Giatrakis Allie Kroeper

With special guest: Queer Storyteller, Ricky Sim!

*Cast photo by MJ Yap @queersilver *Ricky Sim's photo by Arin Sang-urai @photojuice *Promo Image Designed by Maya Danzig @mayadanzig

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001