About the Show

Headliners is THE bit show revue you've been waiting for. Hosted by Less-than-world-famous celebrity judges Blake "Yes" Opper and Marcel "And" Oyuela-Bonzani, Headliners is a show focused on the out-there, questionable, and flat out dumb comedy that won’t fit anywhere else. Come celebrate the comedy community the best way funny people know how: attempting to make each other laugh. Every month comedians from all over New York try their most hair-brained, cockamamy, and ludicrous ideas all for your amusement!

Anyone is welcome to submit a bit for this and/or future shows. Visit tinyurl.com/HeadlinersImprov or our instagram @HeadlinersBits to submit your bit. If your bit is accepted we'll reach out and schedule accordingly. <3

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001