Character Night

About the Show

Character Night is a one hour showcase of original characters, impressions, and bits featuring some of the most driven, imaginative, and funny performers here in NYC.

This month’s show is hosted by Michael McLarnon (LiveWire Sketch) and Robin McNamara (Megawatt) with performances by Amanda Xeller (Lifetime Achievement Award Montreal Sketchfest), Ashley Everhart (Boogie Manja, Characters Welcome!), Donald Chang (Squid Games (The English Dub); Mister Freeze in Gotham Knights), Farshad Khansari (Boogie Manja), Jessie Warger (Characters Welcome), Michael Sanky (Characters Welcome!; Make The Cut; Westlake Character Mic; Character Assassins), and an improvised character from Julia Schroeder (The Parent Trap: Lord of the Twins Trilogy; Megawatt).

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001