Metal Boy Presents: YOUR WORST IDEA

Metal Boy Presents: YOUR WORST IDEA

About the Show

Behind every great work of comedy, there are 50 other terrible ideas that came first—ones that never saw the light of day. In YOUR WORST IDEA, veteran ensemble METAL BOY takes those awful ideas, wipes 'em off, and gives them a second chance. Every show, one (amazing!) writer will offer up a never-before-seen (absolutely terrible!) sketch. Metal Boy will perform a live reading, then like a phoenix, spin improv gold from its ashes.

METAL BOY is one of Magnet Theater's longest-running weekly ensembles. This veteran team's fast-and-loose style has entertained audiences in notable improv festivals around the nation, including Washington DC, Boston, Pittsburgh, and the Del Close Marathon. They once performed an improv show before a free screening of a Zack Galifiankis movie.

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001