The Last Horror Section - Halloween Special

About the Show

ENTER IF YOU DARE... and join ghoulish video store employee Joe Coffin as he guides you through a deranged collection of creepy clips from the movies he keeps stocked in the forgotten aisles of “The Last Horror Section”. From chainsaws to possessions to zombies and Cenobytes, Joe is ready to recommend and get you and whoever... and whatever walks through the video store doors excited for what you need to watch next... if you can keep your eyes open!

Featuring behind the scenes facts, rants, guest interviews, and nutty neighbors, “The Last Horror Section” is dedicated to a lifetime of having fun getting scared by movies we all love. Come have fun and a few beers, and let’s watch some heads roll.

Written and Performed by Matt J Weir

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001