The Jewsical Seder with B’nai Magnet

About the Show

The traditions. The story of Exodus. The kvetching. This year, some of the Magnet’s top musical improvisors will be making it all up as they go along. What will they get right? What will they get wrong? When are we finally going to eat?? So hide the afikomen and open the door for Elijah: B’nai Magnet’s doors are open to anyone and everyone! Come in and sit down! You look thin!

Accompanied by Rabbi Frank Spitznagel

Featuring: Melanie Rubin, Amanda Mayer, Dan Iwrey, Alissa Alter, Jacob Horn, Harry Marker, Samara Breger, Nikita Burdein, Jayme Mattler, Lulu Krause, Russ Feder, Eitan Levine

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001