The Avengers Christmas Special

About the Show

The Avengers spend the holidays with their friends, My Dark Little Corner, in this heartwarming Christmas Special. The hardest part of the season is often dealing with family, but what happens when your family are a bunch of super-powered demigods with the strength to level a city? Families stay together, but Avengers assemble.

Matt Sellitti as Captain America
Aaron Gold as Thor
Rich Armstead as Hulk
Eleanor Lewis as Black Widow
Michael Serpe as Hawkeye
Rachel Rauch as Scarlet Witch
Matt Shafeek as Vision
Dennis Pacheco as The Falcon
Nick Kanellis as Loki

with My Dark Little Corner (Kyle Gordon, Justin Anderson, Gregg Zehentner, and Carly Monardo)

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001