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About the Show

Sketch and Improv. These two comedy cousins come together for a co-joined comedic event. In this show a group writers will perform written works onstage. Then Improvisers who have never seen these pieces before will dive in and explore the worlds and characters from them creating a wonderful blend of hilarious joy. Written yet also made up.

Directed by Matthew Sellitti and Joe Lepore

Nikita Burdein
Jamie Rivera
Chrissie Gruebel
Branson Reese
Hannah Chase
Lauren Ashley Smith
Phoebe Tyers
Julia Hynes
Justin Torres
Andrew Yurman-Glaser

Adam Twitchell
Ben Koch
Becca Schall
Matt Antonucci
Christopher Hastings

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001