The Circuit Reunion Show

About the Show

Three teams started as wee Magnet Circuit Team babies, slated only to be together for a handful of weeks. And yet their bond was strong -- even when they got out of the Magnet uterus they stayed close. Here they are, years later, still together, in their teens, loving each other, experimenting with boys and girls, and now doing improv on the main stage. For you. For us. For mom.

Tim Canty
Marie Latagan
Eleanor Lewis
Charlie Nicholson
Ben Raha
Sarah Ransohoff

Justin Anderson
Devin ONeill
Ginny Humber
Michael Dervin
Michael Auerbach
Robin Rothman
Chrissie Gruebel
Ted A

Daniel Atwood
Katy Berry
Jonathan DeMuth
Kerry Kastin
Joe Lepore
Chris Simpson

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001