Apt. 33

Apt. 33

About the Show

APT. 33 is an aggressively funny, irreverent and subtly-sweet multimedia comedy variety show!

Starring Alan Fessenden (Hello Laser, Armando Diaz Experience), Louie Pearlman (Cast Party, Story Pirates) and singer-songwriter Jo Kroger, APT. 33 explores what happens when two men-children refuse to grow up and attempt to host a demented kid's show filled with action figures, live-drawn cartoons and rockin' songs all from their apartment.

In this episode the boys try to make Jo feel better because she can't go home for the holidays. Oye vey!

Special Musical Guest David Pollack sits on the couch, and Lane Kwederis is a Starbucks Barista!

Featuring improv from Jaime Rivera and Melissa Gordon

And Megan Gray as The Winter Mister!

Assistant Directed by Candice Opperman

Directed by Joanna Simmons

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001