Baby Shoes: Brown Gold

About the Show

This August, join Baby Shoes in a dark and magical world that is part sketch comedy, part children?s fable, and completely under an hour. Maria, a young girl, is spirited away down a magical portal in her grandfather?s toilet, but all is not well in the fantasy land on the other side. A psycho-maniacal billionaire has built a factory, leaving the whimsical world decimated, its people impoverished and enslaved, and its chocolate reserves depleted by the insatiable greed of the candy companies back in the world of man. Maria must use all her wits and courage to navigate a strange land of Wizards and imps, goat men, and a forest of talking hands to reach the evil chocolate factory and uncover the true nature of the mysterious Brown Gold.


Ally Kornfeld

Robert Kern

Michael McLarnon

Megan Meadows

Andy Moskowitz

Amanda Xeller

Chano Garcia

Roger Ainslie

and More!

Directed by Alex Marino

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001