The Spidey Project

The Spidey Project

About the Show

The Spidey Project officially launched on February 11th at 3:05am, when I released a video simultaneously to Facebook and YouTube (and therefore: the world.) The mission was simple: to answer, "Just how important is $65 million in making good theater?" To do so, I put my money?which happens to be zero dollars?where my mouth is and left the rest up to the internet. Thanks to everyone believing not only in me but in the cause as well, volunteers came out of the woodwork, and The Spidey Project was in full effect. Several videos later, on Feb 21st at 10:37pm, we announced the completion of the script and score and segued into our first rehearsal on Wednesday the 23rd. Through our video blog, we've been keeping the internet up-to-date on everything that's been going on, including our supporters in the rehearsal process and allowing them to get to know our cast and crew. Today, March 14th, the curtain for the first Spider-Man musical to officially open in New York City rises. Along with a reduced time-frame and no money, we have also had no injuries, no actors quitting, no lawsuits (we hope), no creative restaffing, and no delays to our opening.

If you haven't been in the loop and want to see the entire process, please check our videos at The last rehearsal video probably won't be up until tomorrow, but you'll already know how it ends. Thanks to everyone who has supported us through this crazy and wonderful production. Go, Spidey, go!

Justin Moran

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001