Dumpster Tequila (I.P.O.)

About the Show

Dumpster Tequila

Who doesn?t like a big Broadway musical? Now imagine that there are no fancy costumes, no fancy sets, and everything is improvised. That?s what happens when Dumpster Tequila takes the stage, witness a full blown musical complete with dancing and singing, and the best part, it?s all made up!

We've played The Magnet, The PIT, UCB Theatre NY, The Creek,ImprovBoston, and The Phoenix Improv Festival.

Dumpster Tequila is
Brian Waters
Evan Watkins
Kerry McGuire
Maggie Lehrman
Patty Devery
Jason Saenz

Musical Director: Joel Esher
Director: Michael Martin

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001