The Fall of Jack O?Lantern: and other Song Form Improvisations

About the Show

Celtic Balladeer and song poet David Nigel Lloyd jams with Magnet Improvisers

At the reins of a gypsy caravan, a professorial eccentric plays an old octar and sings strange, haunting and often hilarious songs. The caravan is adorned with figures contemporary and mythic and the words, "Anglo Celtic American Dionysian Antiquarian Folk Music." That's a David Nigel Lloyd concert.

But what happens when a troupe of actors leaps out the back of the caravan hell bent on interpreting the professor?s songs their own way? Well, that?s an evening at the Magnet Theater. Not just any evening: Kenyan-born, California-based Englishman, David Nigel Lloyd will conclude his Can-US 09 Tour at the Magnet on October 30th, the day, appropriately enough, before Halloween.

Magnet Theater
254 West 29th St. New York NY 10001