Teddy Shivers

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Teddy is everyone's favorite, New Jersey born, former couch crashing, former Penn Station sleep over-er, culinary school graduate. He is extremely excited to put down his pots and pans and step out on stage to pursue his passion, comedy. Since 2010, Teddy has been studying and performing improv and sketch comedy at the Magnet Theater under the awesome instruction of (and in no particular order) Armando Diaz, Rick Andrews, Peter McNerney, Alex Marino, Russ Armstrong and Louis Kornfeld, just to name a few. Teddy is very grateful for his horrible first improv experience which lead him to the Magnet Theater... his new home! Teddy acts and performs improv, sketch, and stand-up styled storytelling throughout the NJ/NYC/PA area.

Fun Fact: Hold Teddy up to light, it will reveal a small hidden image of himself, on his right side. This is to verify his authenticity.

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