Stephanie Griffith

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STEPHANIE GRIFFITH is thrilled to be performing with Wonderland in Musical Megawatt. As a singer/actor making her way in the big city, her life was changed in 2008 when she discovered that musical improv was a thing. After learning from the great Frank Spitznagel and Eliza Skinner at UCB, she made her way to the Magnet Theater to continue her studies, and there she stayed. Stephanie has performed with Zamboni!, Hot Diner, and Snake Eyes.

If you were bored in the afternoons, you may have seen her on ?Guiding Light? or ?One Life to Live.? She also sailed and sang with Royal Caribbean. Stephanie currently makes jewelry for her day job, and in her free time she enjoys making candles and various other crafty ­type things? often as presents for people who are nice to her.

Past Ensemble

Snake Eyes

Past Shows

Zamboni (I.P.O.)