Simon Johnston

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You wake up in a cold sweat. You go to the bathroom to get a drink of water. You're shocked to find that when you look in the mirror it's not your reflection looking back at you, rather the reflection of Simon Johnston a New York City-based comedy writer and performer who's written for Funny Or Die, Above Average and The Higgs Weldon.

You scream in terror upon the realization that every Wednesday you have to perform during Megawatt . Good thing lessons from teachers like Rick Andrews, Louis Kornfeld, Peter McNerney, Elana Fishbein, Nick Kanellis and a host of other such luminaries resides in the muscle memory of this new vessel that for some reason you've found your consciousness piloting.

What's gotten you into this predicament? Who's to say. All you know is that you're Simon now, and you like bagels.

Past Ensemble

Astro Tramps