Sarah Nisbett

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Sarah Nisbett is a former professional opera singer who has sung everywhere from Carnegie Hall to the basement of the The PIT. She can sing in Italian, French, German and Russian, but prefers to make up songs about farts, robots and other important things in English. After discovering the joy of not having to remember lines or music or staging, she fell in love with musical improv and can be found onstage with her beloved indie group, Orphan Alley, or right here at Magnet with Sequel: The Musical.

In addition to doing freelance social media consulting, Sarah also sketches people on the subway (NOT CREEPILY — but in like, a super artsy way). If you’re reading this and are like, “wow, that sounds cool, I’d like to see those sketches.” You can find them on Instagram, @DrawnOnTheWay. If you’re reading this and are like, “That’s creepy,” Sarah would like you to know that she doesn’t come in to your job and tell you that what you do is weird.