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Sara Parelhoff is a Brooklyn-based improvisor, dog-owner and concerned citizen. Originally hailing from Falls Church, Virginia, she moved to New York City in 2008 and will probably stick around because despite all the rats and cockroaches, it’s hard to imagine living anywhere else at this point. Sara has studied improv at The Magnet Theater since 2015 under the venerable tutelage of Megan Gray, Louis Kornfeld, Elana Fishbein and Peter McNerney. She has also had the good fortune to work with some other amazing teachers including Philip Markle, Caroline Martin, Christina Gausas, and Rachel Mason. Sara co-produced the Magnet Director’s Series “Chick Lit: An Improvised Bookclub” with her improv sisters Danielle Wessler and Michelle Hess (Gin Girls) in 2018, after a successful run of the show at the Brooklyn Comedy Collective. Currently Sara can be found performing with her Megawatt team Macbeth or with her indie team Triceratops, or just hanging out at home with her beautiful dog Oscar.

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