Robert Weinstein

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Robert Weinstein in an actor, writer, storyteller, producer and librarian who has worked as an intern, a tech, and a House Manager at the Magnet Theater. Before making his way up the Magnet Chain, Robert studied acting and theater at the University of Kansas (Lawrence, KS), Ecole Internationale du Theatre Jacques Lecoq (Paris, France), Kiklos Teatro (Padova, Italy) and The Magnet Theater.

His writing has been featured on, Readers Digest, The Cherry Picking Festival, and in one Houghton Mifflin textbook that he is still waiting for a copy of. He has also told stories in Whatever Happened to the Nerds (Magnet Theater), The Nights our Lives (UCB), The Moth story slams (check your local listings) and The Armando Diaz Experience (Magnet again) - his favorite show in the entire world.

Robert lives in Brooklyn with his wife, daughter and two cats. ​​

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