Patrick Grizzard

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(Writer, Performer)

Patrick is an actor, writer, and improviser who originally hails from Richmond, VA, but has lived in New York longer than he cares to admit. Currently, he is a writer/actor for Magnet's newest - and cutest! - sketch team, Danger Noodle. You can also catch him improvising with his team Rialto at Reckless Theater, acting with sketch team Horse Club at The PIT, and performing characters in a bar basement near you. Seriously, if you're reading this in a bar, go down to the basement. Chances are good he's there, right now! Past credits include writing and acting for Characters Welcome (UCBT NY), BoogieManja sketch teams Mudville and Rig (The PIT), and "Character Bash" (Magnet).

Patrick has performed at New York Sketch Fest, Austin Sketch Fest, and with the Educational Theater of New York. He is the producer of SHRTWV, a semiannual short theater festival. Patrick has studied improv and sketch at Magnet, UCB, and Reckless, and acting at Atlantic's part-time conservatory. Much to his simultaneous delight and concern, Patrick is classified a different personality type, literally every time he takes a Myers-Briggs test. Follow him on Twitter @gneumatic.

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