Natasha Gleichmann

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Natasha is an actor, singer, and improviser from Denver, Colorado. Before moving to this big, scary city, Natasha majored in Theatre at Pomona College, studied acting at the London Dramatic Academy, got an M.B.A. that she begrudgingly utilizes, and spent a bunch of years acting and improvising in Denver. While in Denver, she performed with Hit and Run: Musical Improv from 2009-2014, making stops at the New York Musical Improv Festival, New York City Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival, and Los Angeles Improv Festival, among others. Favorite roles in the theatre realm include Amy in Company, Mae in Reefer Madness, Polly in Fawlty Towers, Shelly in Evil Dead: The Musical, Jack's Mother in Into the Woods, and Marian in The Music Man. She also sang with Opera Colorado for two years. Tell her you think her singing voice is pretty. She craves your approval.

In the wonderful world of improv, Natasha has studied at the Magnet and UCB, but mostly Magnet, and has taken classes with basically everyone who teaches at the Magnet, so listing them seems excessive.

She has been fortunate enough to perform in a variety of Magnet ensembles, all beginning with the letter ‘S’: StartUp, Sequel, Snacks!, and The Setup. Until now. She now performs with the Musical Megawatt team, Fauna, and has no idea how to improvise anymore unless a team’s name starts with ‘S,’ so we’ll see how this goes. *fingers crossed*

Past Ensembles

StartUp, SNACKS!, Fauna