Natalie Sullivan

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Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Natalie is a New York-based actor, singer, and improviser! In addition to performing with Contessa every Tuesday night at Musical Megawatt, she has been seen improvising with former musical improv house team Pyros, Stonehenge: The Improvised Rock Opera, and Divas Resurrected, a two-woman improvised cabaret. Outside of improv, Natalie has performed in various scripted parody musicals including Wicked Frozen (Hildegard), Star Wars: The Farce Awakens (Rey), and Unauthorized! The Musical's: The Hungry Hungry Games (Katniss), Ghostblasters (Janine), and A Bad Dream on Elm Avenue (Tina). When not performing, you can likely find Natalie in obscure coffee shops around the city wearing one of her many plaid shirts..

Past Ensembles

Pyros, Contessa