Mikey Greenblatt

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NYC by way of New Jersey. Mikey is an actor, writer, and improviser. Mikey is a conservatory student at the Magnet Theater for improv, a member of the Upright CItizin Brigade academy, and a lifetime member of Erasable Inc. the University of Maryland’s only all Improvisational group (that’s Division 1 improv my friends). You can catch Mikey performing monthly at the players theater with short form improv troupe Rufus Khan, which has been called “Reliably funny” by the New York Times. Trained under improv legends Armando Diaz (NYC) and Susan Messing (Chicago). Studied sitcom acting technique at Scott Sedita studios (L.A) as well as Margie Haber Studio (L.A). Mikey has no hobbies outside of performing.

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