Michael Short

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A classically trained artist and illustrator, Michael originally studied Fine Arts at SUNY Fredonia. However, he became interested in improv in 1999 when he became a founding member of his school's shortform improv group, The Improv Society.

Michael has trained professionally with the Second City Cleveland, the Magnet Theater, and the UCB. Notable instructors include Asaf Ronen, Tara Copeland, Armando Diaz, James Eason, Jean Villepique, and Betsy Stover.

Michael has helped develop the original shows The Incredible Comic Book, Art Project, Sock, and Military Time. He's been a part of the Megawatt teams Yum Yum Bangkok and King Canute. Michael has also developed a solo improvised show, Legion. He can currently be seen in Megawatt as a member of the Kicks.