Melvin Taylor II

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Melvin Taylor II is a Chicago native who moved to New York City and is living the dream. His first official theater performance at Knox College came after watching a bad movie and believing he could do better if he tried. After some time in The Big Apple, he gave sketch comedy a chance and fell in love with it having since then performed at UCB, The Magnet Theater, The P.I.T., and across the country with Who Made The Potato Salad.

He currently hosts his radio show "The Alternative with Melvin Taylor ii" or "#TheAltWithMel" on WHCR 90.3 FM-NY Monday nights at 11:55 pm - 2 am EST and weekends on WLGK Logik Radio. A TV version airs on Tuesdays at 4 pm on BRIC TV & Fridays at 9 pm on Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

You can also find him on his YouTube Channel where he has over 1 million views. In the future, he will host on a national platform while creating more opportunities for talented individuals who are looking to find their way. Make sure to subscribe!!! -

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